Introducing the SOMA Justice 

Emergency Loan Program

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Emergency Loan Program that has the potential to meaningfully support our neighbors who are most vulnerable. This program will provide small, one time loans to community members in an urgent situation to cover needs like housing, food, childcare, transportation, etc. Repayment terms are interest free, over the course of 24 months, and voluntary – each recipient understands that their repayment allows the same amount to be used by another neighbor in need. The fund will distribute at least $5,000 annually, with funds being redistributed to others in need as they are repaid.

To date, examples of requests from the community include:

  • $1000 to cover back rent and/or security deposits for new housing
  • $500 for emergency car repair
  • $250 for a month of food for a family waiting for federal aid programs to kick in
  • $100 for survival items, including clothing, due to a house fire

To donate to this program, click HERE

To apply for a loan, please e-mail us at for a link to the application.