local Progressive organizations in Essex County/ North jersey

Political Organizing

"SOMA Action’s mission is to drive progressive change. We believe change will happen through: Changing structures to open democracy for all Creating a just and equitable society and government at all levels Motivating climate justice Building a more educated, informed and politically active community "

Email: info@somaaction.org    Twitter: @soma_action

Racial Justice

"Committed to raising awareness and addressing the structural racism that persists at every level of American society. We run programs events and activities and that seek to empower, inform and motivate black and brown people and their allies. At the local level we work with grassroots groups, organizations and activists to promote our common cause."

Racial Justice

"Nationally recognized non-profit organization committed to building a unique, suburban community that is free of racial segregation in housing patterns and community involvement. "

Twitter: @CoalitionOnRace    Phone: 973-761-6116

Racial Justice/Legal Organizing

"Ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination."

Twitter: @NewarkNJNAACP


"A Chapter of a national grassroots, civil, and human rights organization fighting for the rights of formerly- and currently- incarcerated people and our families throughout NJ. We fight against the many forms of felon disenfranchisement and collateral consequences that people face every day because of arrest or conviction."

Email: aouonnj.info@gmail.com   Twitter: @AOUON_NJ   Phone: 862-218-0808


"Provides childcare, workforce development programs, reentry and youth empowerment programs, and housing counseling."

Twitter: @UrbanLeagueEC


"We aim to assist participants in transforming from victims of trauma to triumphant survivors of their traumas. The center is committed to providing: Education about trauma and its effect on youth and families; to Entertain their spirits and hearts through artistic therapeutic interventions; and Empower their families to heal from trauma and become triumphant over victimization."

Email: info@thathubblife.com    Phone: 973-900-6454

"North Jersey Alternatives to Policing Taskforce (NJAPT) was designed to provide people in our state with resources for taking public safety into our own hands. We compile a resource guide and use social media to promote alternatives for community support."
Political Organizing

"North Jersey is known for our radical art, jazz and visionaries—Walt Whitman, Sarah Vaughn, Philip Roth, Amiri Baraka and many more. But history is made by working people and North NJ DSA wants to reignite our history of rebellion with Socialism for All. From the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913 to the Newark Rebellion of 1967, current BLM protests and the fight for lead-free water, North NJ DSA continues to build on the legacy of working-class organizing in our spirited state. The North Jersey Democratic Socialists of America is a group of dedicated organizers working to cultivate a more equal, just and environmentally sustainable future."

Political Organizing

"dedicated to advocating for all people of New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. We foster an engaged and informed community with the power to shape our political representation so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable—and so that it reflects the values of fairness, compassion, inclusivity and a decent quality of life."

Twitter: @nj11forchange

Economic Justice

"dedicated to the ongoing economic revitalization of Newark, striving to transform our city into a better and safer place to work, live, learn, play and do business."

Twitter: @NewarkAlliance_      Phone: (973) 596-6400


"The Newark Community Street Team (NCST) was founded by Mayor Ras J. Baraka’s as the City’s community-based violence reduction strategy. NCST draws upon an evidence-based, trauma informed approach to violence reduction. NCST hires, trains and deploys Outreach workers and High Risk Interventionist in the South Ward and West Wards of Newark."

Twitter: @NCST_newark

Racial Justice/Human Rights

"Women for Progress aims to raise awareness, educate and connect individuals to activism on a wide range of issues including gender equality, gun violence prevention, environmental protection, racial justice and human rights"

Twitter: @WFPORG

new jersey wide progressive organizations

Racial Justice/Research

"The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice uses cutting-edge racial and social justice advocacy to empower people of color by building reparative systems that create wealth, transform justice and harness democratic power—from the ground up—in New Jersey."

Twitter: @NJ_ISJ  

Social Justice/Racial Justice

"The People's Organization for Progress works to empower communities and fight for their needs. P.O.P. confronts issues about equality, justice, poverty, racism, umemployment, affordable housing and education, violence(of any sort), etc., as well as local, national, and international issue

Racial Justice/Social Justice
"Seeks to liberate public policy theologically by building Black faith-rooted communication strategies, advocacy, and public education campaigns, to lift up poor, underserved, and traditionally oppressed communities with a particular focus on racial justice through abolition, restoration, transformation, and coalition."
Twitter: @SandSJ_NJ
Legal Organizing
"Works to defend liberty throughout our state. We are involved in litigation and advocacy on behalf of individuals, and we lobby on scores of bills in the state legislature and local councils. In addition, the ACLU is active in many public education and community organizing projects."
Email: info@aclu-nj.org Twitter: @ACLUNJ Phone: 973-642-2084
Racial Justice/Social Justice/Economic Justice/Legal Organizing
"The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination."
Email: admdirector.njscnaacp@gmail.com   Twitter: @njnaacp   Phone: (609) 310-0211
"The New Jersey Restorative Justice Network brings together people from different disciplines who share a common interest in expanding practices of restorative justice across New Jersey. Founded in 2020, the organization is comprised of experienced practitioners, advocates, and allies."
Twitter: @NJ_RJN

"Join us in end the harmful practices of the criminal legal system."

Twitter: @NJPJW

Drug Policy

"We are advocates and organizers advancing harm reduction and equitable drug policy reform in New Jersey. We are people who use drugs, who are in recovery, and who are harmed by the War on Drugs and overdose deaths. We are family members, neighbors, and community leaders united in our commitment to the philosophy and practice of harm reduction."

Twitter: @NJHarmReduction

Political Organizing

Action, Access, Amplify

Twitter: @Action2getherNJ
Social Justice

"Promotes a world free of violence, inequality, and oppression. Guided by the Quaker belief in the divine light within each person, we nurture the seeds of change and the respect for human life to fundamentally transform our societies and institutions. We work with people and partners worldwide, of all faiths and backgrounds, to meet urgent community needs, challenge injustice, and build peace."

Twitter: @afsc_org Phone: 215-241-7000

Racial Justice/Justice

"A national organization that works to transform the justice system by promoting responses to violence that break cycles of trauma. We work at the intersection of criminal justice, public health, and racial justice to elevate healing over retribution, meet the needs of survivors, advance racial equity, and build community safety."

Twitter: @EJUSA Phone: (718) 801-8940

Racial Justice

"A social innovation network and resource hub for organizations, communities and institutions engaged in knowledge development and practice to further racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI)."

Email: info@theinclusionproject.com Phone: 1-778-350-9086


"First Friends of NJ and NY upholds the inherent dignity and humanity of detained immigrants and asylum seekers. We provide compassion and hope through volunteer visitation, resettlement assistance and advocacy."


"A statewide membership-based coalition of organizations that creates and achieves policies in New Jersey that welcome and support immigrants to become rooted economically, politically and socially within the state."

Economic Justice

"Uniting New Jersey's Diverse Latino Communities by Advancing Economic and Social Empowerment"

Email: info@lanfoundation.org Twitter: @LATINOACTION Phone: (510)858-6902

Religion/Social Justice

"Rooted in God’s covenant, LEAMNJ addresses the systemic causes of injustice and poverty in New Jersey through civic engagement, shaping public opinion, and advocating for public policies that will alleviate the suffering of all children of God and the care of God’s creation"

Email: info@leamnj.org Twitter: @LEAMNJ Phone: ​609-586-6800 ext. 114

Political Organizing

"Grassroots independent political organization fighting for a government that represents the needs and values of working families. We elect candidates who share our values and organize campaigns to advance progressive policies. Together we’re building a movement of working families to build a New Jersey for the many, not the few."

Twitter: @WorkingFamilies Phone: (718) 222-3796

Economic Organizing

"Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO) is a decentralized collective of educators, researchers and grassroots activists working to promote an economy based on democratic participation, worker and community ownership, social and economic justice, and ecological sustainability--a "solidarity economy"--through grassroots journalism, organizing support, cross-sector networking and movement-building and the publication of educational and organizational resources."


"To empower, advocate, and connect families to resources that support their family’s needs for greater outcomes in urban communities."

Email: email@parentimpact.org Twitter: @parent_impact Phone: 862-800-7424

"The only public interest organization entirely devoted to defending the housing rights of New Jersey’s poor through enforcement of the Mount Laurel Doctrine, the landmark decision that prohibits economic discrimination through exclusionary zoning and requires all towns to provide their “fair share” of their region’s need for affordable housing."

Email: adamgordon@fairsharehousing.org    Phone: (856) 665-5444


"Since 1989, the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey has worked to improve the environment for the work of community development corporations (CDCs), and to strengthen their capacity to create housing and revitalize distressed neighborhoods throughout New Jersey."

Twitter: @HCDNNJ


"Theatre is a pathway to justice! Interactive theatre, bystander intervention trainings, theatre inside and outside the prison walls. Get curious with us. When the curtain falls, community action begins!"

Email: info@themetatheatrecompany.org     Twitter: @MetaTheatreCompany